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Miscalculations were formed in a dark, asbestos-lined basement in Harlow and a towering loft overlooking the concrete, steel and flesh of North London. 
Absorbing their environment, watching, analysing and calculating. Miscalculating.


Featuring members of The Gaggers, Ladykillers and Shanghai Wires, Miscalculations capture the cynicism, obscurity and perplexity of their

surroundings and filter it down to the purest punk form. 

Agitated yet melodic, Miscalculations are sharp as a surgeon’s blade.


No Front Teeth Records released the debut 7” (Asbestos City / Live With Myself) and now, presented here, is the debut S/T full-length LP. 
Twelve songs that take cues from early punk rock, electro punk and contemporary punk mixing the sounds of The Units, Screamers, Warsaw, The Vicious, Masshysteri, Tristess and Vicious Visions with the depth and abstruseness of a Francis Bacon painting.


Accurately miscalculated.




Click here to download the full album as a zip file (61mb)



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