JUNE 2021 

Calling all Traitors, 

Yep... it’s just relentless... we’re back yet again with another couple of hot wax slabs that you have been jonesing for...

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The debut slab from POGY ET LES KEFARS... fast-paced songs with strong powerpop, garage and post punk influences that catch up where Warrior Kids, Hatepinks, Aggravation and Tomy & Les Cougars have left. Young, fresh new blood of the same breed to sustain your never-ending cravings. This is absolutely necessary... YOU NEED THIS!!!! 

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The debut 7” from IRMANS, killer London punk with influences ranging from the Wipers and the Sunny Boys to the Spits and beyond, it’s the perfect balance of the fresh and the familiar... MANDATORY LISTENING!!!! 


NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The split 7" spectacular featuring KOOL & THE GANGBANGERS and ATOMIC EATER... KGB deliver another 2 slices of brainless, punk machine music... Crimes against fidelity! And this is the debut vinyl release from Atomic Eater... 2 nervous synth songs from another dimension... Apocalypse Rock! These will fly so MOVE NOW!!


NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The first ever flexi disc on NFT!! 2 tracks from London's LA RABBIA in their signature style of UK82 hardcore punk meets anarchopunk. GET WITH IT!!!

LA PESTE BOOK OUT NOW!!! 200 pages of intense black and white graphic works by Marco NFT and Jorden Haley housed in a luxe A5-sized hardback cover book. Most of the books went during the Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders but there are still a handful left that you can GET NOW!!! We also have the limited edition embroidered patches and enamel badges available... ACT FAST BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! 

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