Calling all Cretins,

We have a special announcement that you're not gonna wanna miss....

SAVAGE COMMUNICATION!!!! As you may know, Marco NFT is half of SAVAGE COMMUNICATION who make killer music-themed paintings and they are doing a Christmas raffle to win some original artworks!

There are 5 original paintings to be won which means we will pick 5 winners from the entries. 

The paintings / winners will be chosen at random so winners can win any of the paintings in the raffle (or even multiple paintings depending on how many times they enter and how lucky they are!)

The paintings we are raffling are: 
















'One Piece At A Time' (Johnny Cash) 53cm x 27cm, 2020

Oil, acrylic, ink and shellac on card, mounted on board 

'Psychotic Reaction' (Johnny Rotten) 61cm x 42cm, 2020

Acrylic, enamel, gloss and shellac on board

'This Heat' (Billy Idol) 47cm x 39cm, 2020

Screen print, acrylic, enamel, gloss and shellac on board

'The Gunslinger' (Lemmy) 52cm x 32cm, 2020

Oil and acrylic on card, mounted on board 

'Damage Case' (Lemmy) 40cm x 40cm, 2020

Oil and acrylic on card, mounted on board 

The raffle will run from Wednesday December 1st – Wednesday December 22nd so some lucky winners will get a nice surprise that they have won before Christmas!  

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday December 22nd and we will film the entries being picked out of a hat. 

This is an international raffle so it can be a winner from anywhere in the world and, of course, Savage Communication will cover all shipping costs. 

So, how can you enter this spectacular raffle? It’s dead simple: 

Each entry costs £10 and all you have to do to enter is e-mail us with however many entries you’d like and then you will be told the PayPal address to send payment to. Your name will then be entered into the raffle for every entry you have purchased. 

As an extra bonus, we are doing 3 entries for the price of 2 so £20 will get you three entries, £40 will get you 6 entries etc for as many entries as you’d like, there is no limit. 

All entries will be put into a hat which means that the same person can get picked multiple times depending on how many entries they have bought and how lucky they are! 

Winners will be announced on Instagram / Facebook on Wednesday 22nd December and we will Email winners to inform them as well. 

The paintings will be posted to the winners in early January as the Christmas post is a total nightmare.

Good luck!