MAY 2020

Calling all Isolators,

What a time to be alive... hopefully we’ve caught you before boredom has driven you to suicide to bring the good news that we have a couple of new releases. That’s right... the label that never stops giving is back with 2 hot new slabs to save the day...
BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The second full-length from London’s LA RABBIA is here!! Just over half a year since their debut they are back with a blistering follow-up... 14 cuts of stripped-down punk rock. You can hear the new album and order the digital version if that’s your thing HERE. DON'T SNOOZE ON THE LP VERSION HERE!!!
BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The debut full-length from Montreal’s DIRTY CHEETAH featuring members of THE PALE LIPS. Killer high-energy punk rock that will make you want to smash shit up... GET SMASHING!!!

STILL HOT!!! The debut 7” from London’s DEAD MEAT. Pure KBD-worship snot punk from members of THE CAVEMEN, SUICIDE GENERATION and THE SPEEDWAYS. This one’s a no-brainer... CATCH THE INFECTION NOW!

STILL HOT!!! The debut 7” from Canada’s MONONEGATIVES... amazing new wave featuring members of ISOLATION PARTY and KLAZO. Don't waste time thinking about it... this is 100% NECESSARY!!!


STILL HOT!!! The MISCALCULATIONS fifth full-length entitled 'The Perfect Candidate'... this has been a much-anticipated album and boy does it deliver... this is their finest work yet... melodic, dark and superbly written. This is a no-brainer... GET ON IT!!!

ALMOST GONE!!!! The red hot slab from Richmond, Virginia’s SICK BAGS!!!! You already know that you badly need these 12" of raw, snotty trash so DON’T SNOOZE!!!!!
​NFT Antisocial Behaviour Division​​​