Calling all Scums, 

​We’re back yet again with another two burning hot slabs of wax...

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! An album we've been trying to put out for years... third time lucky! It's the TEN-O-SEVENS long-awaited debut full-length. You know that the 7" and split we put out years ago ruled hard... well, it's more of that!! These songs would fit very comfortably on The Clash’s first album. This is a 100% no-brainer... you need to get this NOW!!!

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! Another new 7" from London's relentless LA RABBIA titled 'The Setting In Motion Of Horrific Events'. Another 4 ripping cuts in the vein of Wire, Eater and Crisis. GET TO IT!

NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! London’s newest KBD scums ILLEGAL LEATHER are here to fuck shit up, this is the debut 7” titled ’Hate Crime’... think a nasty cocktail of The Spits, Buck Biloxi, Personal and The Pizzas and The Gaggers... you NEED this in your life urgently... no joke... this single is to prepare you for the full-length that’s coming out later in the year... DO IT NOW!!! 

NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! Debut 7" from London/Munich synth group ZULETZT titled 'RE//ACTION'. Two tracks of Joy Division-esque post punk born in the first lockdown of 2020. Currently working on a full-length so get a taster... you’ll be thirsty for more... GET ON IT!! 

LAST COPIES!!! The debut 7” from IRMANS, killer London punk with influences ranging from the Wipers and the Sunny Boys to the Spits and beyond, it’s the perfect balance of the fresh and the familiar... MANDATORY LISTENING!!!!


LAST COPIES!!! KOOL & THE GANGBANGERS and ATOMIC EATER split 7”... KGB deliver another 2 slices of brainless, punk machine music... Crimes against fidelity! And this is the debut vinyl release from Atomic Eater. Two nervous synth songs from another dimension... Apocalypse Rock! Last chance so MOVE NOW!!

NFT Soap 'n' Studs Division