Calling all Scums,

It's good to be back... We're sure you've all heard about the horrible pressing plant delays creating crazy production times... finally, we have a new record out and some more on the horizon...

​BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The debut full-length from German punks ANGERBOYS... 15 rippers that blend the sounds of Dean Dirg, Neighborhood Brats, Loli and the Chones, OFF! And Hans-A-Plast with short sharp blasts that barely break the minute mark... YOU NEED THIS NOW!!!
​BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! Debut single from London’s newest post-punks EEL MEN featuting members of Ten-O-Sevens, Dead Meat, Thee Spivs, Dying Shames, Atomic Suplex and Slugga. Two killer tracks that will get you ready for what’s to come... YOU NEED THIS NOW!

LAST COPIES!!! Debut full-length from New York power-punks MYSTERY GIRL: 11 cuts of raucous New York Dolls-meets-Ramones stylepunk rock... GET ON IT NOW!

LAST COPIES!!! Another new 7" from London's relentless LA RABBIA titled 'The Setting In Motion Of Horrific Events'. Another 4 ripping cuts in the vein of Wire, Eater and Crisis. GET TO IT!

NFT Get What You Get Division