Calling all Scums,

We’re back with a super-quick update as we just received the second press of the LA RABBIA 'Shock Tactics' LP...

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The second press of the debut smash from London’s LA RABBIA. The first press sold out fast so don’t sleep on this. Killer new artwork for this edition. Eleven cuts of punk/hardcore/postpunk that’s like a mix of Crass, Crisis, The Mob and Wire... don’t get caught out twice...this is very necessary... ACT NOW!!!


BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The debut 7” from London’s DEAD MEAT. Pure KBD-worship snot punk from members of THE CAVEMEN, SUICIDE GENERATION and THE SPEEDWAYS. This one’s a no-brainer... CATCH THE INFECTION NOW!
BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! ​We are super happy to present a very limited European edition of the debut MALA VISTA 7” – Killer ’77-style punk rock from New York... DON’T SLEEP ON THIS!!!
BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The debut 7” from Canada’s MONONEGATIVES... amazing new wave featuring members of ISOLATION PARTY and KLAZO. Don't waste time thinking about it... this is 100% NECESSARY!!!


NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The red hot slab from Richmond, Virginia’s SICK BAGS!!!! You already know that you badly need these 12" of raw, snotty trash so DON’T SNOOZE!!!!!


NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The MICALCULATIONS fifth full-length entitled 'The Perfect Candidate'... this has been a much-anticipated album and boy does it deliver... this is their finest work yet... melodic, dark and superbly written. This is a no-brainer... GET ON IT!!!

ALMOST GONE!!!!  The debut full-length from Oklahoma snot-punks THE STIFFIES entitled 'Rub It In' ... 11 cuts of pure 1977 punk rock that'll get your juices flowing... GET 12" OF SATISFACTION NOW!!

ALMOST GONE!!! The debut full-length from London’s LA RABBIA featuring members of THE GAGGERS and MISCALCULATIONS. 11 cuts of punk / hardcore / post punk blending the classic 77/82 sounds. You need this badly. Don’t be a lemon and GET ON IT!!!

​​​NFT Blood Blisters Division