Calling all Scums,

We're back!!!!  And in pure style!!!!! We're starting the new year off with a real heavy hittin' slab o' wax!!!
BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The new 7" from KOOL & THE GANGBANGERS!!!! That's right - four new cuts of low-fi KBD punk rock. The debut full-length we put out last year blew some minds and some balls so get ready for another dose!! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!!!!

NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The debut release from the punk rock supergroup that is SCENE KILLERS featuring Jesse Luscious (Blatz, The Criminals, The Pathogens) and members of The Hip Priests and TV Crime. On this debut they slash through 6 cuts of fast, wild punk rock. There are some seriously sexy colour variations of this...YOU NEED THIS BADLY!!!!!

STILL HOT!!! The brand new album from LA RABBIA entitled 'In The Face Of Atrocities'. This is the second album from London's LA RABBIA this year and their third album overall. 24 brand new cuts of hardcore punk that blend the sounds of Crass, Crisis, Wire, Eater and The Mob. The previous 2 albums went out of print in a flash and this is their best work to date with killer fold-out postercollage art done by Rob Brake. This is a fuggin masterpiece of a record. You need this even if you have to work the streets to get the dough to buy it... GET ON IT!!!

STILL HOT!!! The debut vinyl slab from TOTAL JERKS. Fast and urgent 1980's style hardcore punk from Indonesia in the vein of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Germs and Bad Brains. This LP collects the 20 tracks from the 'Life Is Hate' EP from 2016 and the 'Fear' LP from 2018. We are over the moon to be releasing these killer songs on vinyl... this will blow you away. DON’T SLEEP!!!!

ALSO JUST IN!!! We have some copies of the debut ZANZARA LP which features members of THE GAGGERS, SANGUISUGA, MISCALCULATIONS etc. Italian-speaking punk rock from London in the vein of CAMERA SILENS, RIXE and THE TEMPLARS... yes, you need it.


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