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Calling all Scums,
Only a couple of weeks after we hit you with a double-barrelled Canadian thrash attack we're back with another vinyl assault...



Second full-length from this London/Freiburg hardcore punk band that grabs you kicking and screaming into the depths of their dark and twisted world. Since their debut ‘Pulling The Plug On Humanity’ the most notable thing is that this is a band firing on all cylinders and don't look like letting up anytime soon. Despite members living in different countries this clearly hasn't affected this band’s hunger and creativity as they bring 12 new tracks of blackened Hardcore/D-Beat with vicious, sneering vocals that are unleashed with venom and spit like a rabid dog frothing at the mouth, snaking bass lines and guitar leads that would fit nicely on any NWOBHM album past of present. The drumming is what cements everything together, bringing this nightmare to life. For reference start with some nasty hardcore, chuck in a sprinkling of classic NWOBH and garnish with some KBD punk and you have a meal that will keep your hunger at bay. Comes with a 16-page zine. FFO – Bootlicker, Discharge, Motorhead, Venom... GET IT NOW!



Elusive Ontario hardcore / thrash band Curious Mold formed in 1985 out of the ashes of Kompost, with a little help from a guy who played in Beyond and another guy who shredded like fuck in his bedroom. Very influenced by the West Coast sound of Los Angeles / Orange County and the scales definitely tipped in favour of hardcore punk than thrash. They self-destructed somewhere around 1990, tried again in 1996 and 2000 for one of two practices and gave up hope. FFO: Final Conflict, Adolescents, Ripcord, Youth Of Today. GET IT HERE!

EBS were spawned in a basement in Ontario in the mid 1980s and recorded a 10 song demo in 1989 that was pure DIY and became an instant local classic. EBS live shows were full of high energy and fun and their crossover style was a mix of thrash and hardcore topped off with the comical lyrical matter that could bring a smile to the face of the meanest of metalheads: totally juvenile, tongue-in-cheek, obnoxious humour and all in the name of pure fun. EBS kept ripping up clubs and parties they caught the attention of Epidemic Records and went back into the studio to record a full length S/T cassette that was a bit more polished than their first demo and sold like hot cakes around the scene.

The Epileptics started tearing up skate parks, pizzerias and local clubs in support of their new release and the exposure quickly led to bigger venues and opening for the likes of The Dayglo Abortions. In the early 90s, vocalist Steve Waller decided to move to the West Coast and the Surgeons’ days came to a close.  Many of them went onto other musical ventures over the years and to this day they all still keep in contact with each other and they are all doing well aside from bass player Mike Chapman who took his own life in 2007 (and who this record is dedicated to).

Epileptic Brain Surgeons were early pioneers of the hardcore scene in Brampton and they inspired a plethora of bands from the area for years to come.
This album contains some re-recordings of early songs and 3 brand new songs written when the band briefly reformed in 2011 and also features an updated version of their comical ecological folk sonnet “Trees and Flowers” where they switch out George Bush for Barack Obama / Bin Laden and while still keeping the humours element (presented this time around in a “quasi-world music” style) drill home the fact that thing’s hadn’t changed…
FFO: Attitude Adjustment, Gang Green, Dead Kennedys, Poison Idea, Anthrax, S.O.D., Overkill, Municipal Waste. GET IT HERE!


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