JULY 2020

Calling all Brats,

The world seems to be getting almost back to normal... we never stopped! We're back with another 2 killer records... some very special shit this month...

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!!  The No Front Teeth / Jet Comix compilation LP!!!!!! We have been working on this for a long while now and it’s finally time to release this bad boy... so... what does this compilation contain? It’s got all the songs from Volumes 1-3 of the NFT/ Jet Comix 7” series by THE STITCHES, THE GAGGERS and DISCO LEPERS as well as the brand new Volume 4 which features exclusive songs from STALIN VIDEO and DAVEY & THE LEPERS. Not only that... there is, of course, a brand new accompanying comic for this and all four volumes are collected in a larger-format A4 sized 46 page comic book! But... that’s not it!!! What else could there be??? Wait for it... there are exclusive, previously unreleased tracks from EVERY band featured! That’s right-there’s an unreleased THE STITCHES track from the '12 Imaginary Inches’ sessions, an unreleased THE GAGGERS song from the 'Don’t Follow Me' sessions, and brand new DISCO LEPERS, STALIN VIDEO and DAVEY & THE LEPERS. So in total there are 17 songs (10 of which are previously unreleased), a 46 page comic book, Obi-strip and killer wraparound artwork by Jackie Sudden. Seriously... DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!!!

​BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The debut 7" from St. Louis punk rockers THE UPPERS. This is a truly sick single that YOU NEED!!!!

NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!!  The debut LP from KOOL & THE GANGBANGERS 'Feel Bad Music'. This 16-track scorcher will pop you in the mouth and leave you begging for more. Raw, lo-fi punk rock in the vein of Sick Thoughts, Buck Biloxi, Reatards, Secret Prostitutes... do you need to hear more???!!! You seriously need this album in your life. No excuses... DO IT!!!!
STILL HOT!!!! The second full-length from London’s LA RABBIA is here!! Just over half a year since their debut they are back with a blistering follow-up... 14 cuts of stripped-down punk rock. You can hear the new album and order the digital version if that’s your thing HEREDON’T SNOOZE!!!

​NFT Broken Fingers Division