Calling all Swines,

You gotta be kidding right?? Another release? You know it... we got another smokin' hot slab o' wax for you lucky scums...

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!!  The debut full-length from Oklahoma snot-punks THE STIFFIES entitled 'Rub It In' ... 11 cuts of pure 1977 punk rock that'll get your juices flowing... GET 12" OF SATISFACTION NOW!!
NEW!!! OUT NOW!!!! The debut 12" from TELEGENIC PLEASURE... this is a new project featuring members of THE GAGGERS and ISOLATION PARTY. London, England and London, Ontario merge to bring you some pure, spastic punk rock. This is very necessary if you want to not look like a plum. It’s a no-brainer... GET IT!!

OUT NOW!!!! THE MANIKINS - BAD TIMES LP. Ten years have passed since the sad day that The Manikins announced that they would be going on a hiatus and we are happy to announce that this 12 track garage rock assault, with touches of Powerpop, sprinkled in the mix is OUT NOW!! It is a logical progression from the 2008 full length "Crocodiles" that left us all wanting more. It's been a long time coming but it was worth the wait. GET ON IT NOW!!!!!

OUT NOW!!! The debut full-length from London’s LA RABBIA featuring members of THE GAGGERS and MISCALCULATIONS. 11 cuts of punk / hardcore / post punk blending the classic 77/82 sounds. You need this badly. Don’t be a lemon and GET ON IT!!!

SPECIAL OFFER!!! TRASH ON!!! We're doing a special 35% off the 'Trash On!!!' set!! Both the physical version (regular and RSD version!) and the download on the FDH RECORDS BANDCAMP. This is good until 15th November 2019 so don't miss out on this!! The promo code to enter to get the discount is trashon and remember that all profits go to Peter's family!

​​​NFT Tar and Feathers Division