Calling all Feltchers, 

We’re back with some more vinyl treats, so dig deep and keep our habits in full-swing. 

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The self-titled LP from THE SEX. Amazing, female-fronted fast, ripping punk rock featuring members of Slaughter Boys. If you can imagine late '70s English punk fronted by Penelope Houston you'll get the idea...you need this badly!! DON’T SNOOZE!!! 

BRAND NEW!!! PRE-ORDER!!! Just one week left until the official release of FROGGY & THE RINGES debut 7"... Part novelty, part nasty, Froggy and The Ringes offer up dirty kbd aggro garage punk with a suitably lo-fi aesthetic.  This is driving, snotty English garage punk. Manic, relentless strumming attack on the guitars. A drummer whose focus is on hitting them harder rather than faster. And just to fill those gaps on the frequency range Froggy and The Ringes have added in keyboards.  In keeping with the aesthetic this record is “available in low fidelity only" – nice touch.   

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. The limited edition comes with a unique hand-drawn transparent insert and a Froggy and the Ringes guitar pick. The official release date is November 5th. GET IN TOUCH NOW TO SECURE A COPY!!! 

STILL HOT!!!!  The debut full-length from DESEOS PRIMITIVOS... we are so crazy stoked to be releasing this amazing album... mid-paced early hardcore punk with a strong Posh Boy Records influence... you need this BADLY!! 

VACANT STATE!!!! Marco NFT has started an Art book publishing project called VACANT STATE. The first publication is a book called ‘La Peste’ which is a collaborative book of images by himself and BIRD OV PREY (Jorden Haley) both represented in their signature stark black and white graphic style. Both artists have contributed a total of 50 images, each alternating throughout the book. Perfectly complementing one other, the works are a mix of occult / punk / anti-authoritarian / fetishistic themes (and overall often with a touch of dark humor). Although containing no narrative, the images flow from one page to the next for a seamless graphic journey.

There is a Kickstarter campaign for this project that you can learn more about HERE or check out the project website HERE.
NFT Negative Vibes Division