MAY 2022 - UPDATE!

Calling all Lice,
We're back again with two new 7" slabs of wax...

BRAND NEW!! OUT NOW!!!  We are super excited to announce the release of the X-V.I.D.E.O 12" - Raw and snotty punk rock from Japan, this release collects the songs from their first two singles 'I Don't Need It' and 'Like Flies On Shit'... you would be totally insane to sleep on this burning hot slab... DON'T FUCK THIS UP!

​NEW!! OUT NOW!!!  The debut single from Los Angeles' TALK SICK 7" who blend the classic sounds of Adolescents, The Crowd, Weirdos, Circle Jerks and Stitches... Yep, you need this one ASAP! DON'T HANG AROUND!

NEW!! OUT NOW!!!  The second instalment of the ‘Rock 'n' Roll Manifesto’ 7” compilation series with exclusive tracks from SONNY VINCENT, MISCALCULATIONS, MANIKINS and JUDEX. Act fast on this one as the first volume flew out so DON’T FUCK ABOUT!  

MARCO NFT ON THE RADIO!!! Marco NFT was featured on last week's Rock 'n' Roll Manifesto radio show and this mammoth, 3 hour show contains music from the 40+ bands he's been in since he was 16 years old... so yeah there’s some debatable stuff in there for sure! Some punk, some hardcore, some post punk, some Oi!, some synth, some glam, some powerpop.

There's a bunch of previously unreleased stuff, some demos, some rehearsal recordings, some live recordings, some stuff that never saw the light of day, some that’s not out yet and these are just a few of the bands that will be played: Illegal Leather, The Gaggers, La Rabbia, Miscalculations, Zanzara, Shanghai Wires, X-Intruder, Cold Callers, Vacuum, Botox Rats, Crystallised Minds, Night Trauma, Vacant Stares, The Flesh Of The City, Disco Lepers, The Jabbs, Subtext, The Exit, The Caged Animal, Violent Streaks, Zuletzt, Saccharine Souvenirs, Körpse Inhäler, Scugnizzo, Sanguisuga, Iris Paralysis... and the list goes on and on...

You can listen to the show HERE.
NFT Bits 'n' Bobs Division