Calling all Buttholes,

​We’re back with two killer new releases that you need so desperately that it ain’t even funny... 

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! 28 Years in the making NFT presents THE GOODS 'Grosso Sucks (The Vicodin Sessions' LP. THE GOODS were a 3 piece punk pop super-group from Orange County formed in 1989 featuring members who were in / went on to be in The Simpletones, US Bombs, The Stitches, TSOL, Flower Leperds, Dodge Dart and Mesa Lanes. These 15 songs were recorded by Jerry Finn (RIP) in 1993 in between recording Green Day, Rancid and the Muffs. The 2 day session was tracked for the minimal sum of 2 bottles of Vicodin. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS!!!! MOVE NOW!!! 

BRAND NEW!!! OUT NOW!!! The limited editions of the debut ILLEGAL LEATHER 'Raw Meat' LP. These 3 limited covers go with the regular edition sleeve (that came out on Dead Beat Records last month) to make a 4-panel quadrilogy set. These are super-limited to just 35 hand-numbered copies total (between here and the US) so ACT FAST!! DON’T HANG ABOUT!!! 

LAST COPIES!!! Debut single from London’s newest post-punks EEL MEN featuting members of Ten-O-Sevens, Dead Meat, Thee Spivs, Dying Shames, Atomic Suplex and Slugga. Two killer tracks that will get you ready for what’s to come... YOU NEED THIS NOW!


We have a bunch of other releases at the pressing plant in various stages of production, so who knows when those will be out but keep your ear to the ground and you balls to the wall to get further news about those. It’s all killer shit, you know it.

NFT Beyond Reasonable Doubt Division